Lying to feel Safe

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After reading "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" by Ambrose Bierce, I realized the whole third part was a quick dream. Also, he is denying what is eventually to come by imagining he with ease, gets out of his arm restraints and claims "What splendid effort! What magnificent, what superhuman strength!" (320). Also, I found it ironic that his position in the war was to keep slaves "bound" and he died being bound himself. Without the reader knowing he actually does die, this seems a bit hard to believe. I think the reason he paints this beautiful picture of escape was to essentially avoid the idea that he was about to die. People tend to make things up to cover up their truths, because sometimes its too painful.


Dianna Griffin said:

Gladys, I never thought about the fact that the way he died, mimicked the way he lived his life. You're right, sometimes it is too painful to face the truth. I can think of many instances in which I have lied about things just so that I didn't have to think about it because it hurt too much. Making things "pretty" is much easier than revealing the ugly truth.

Gladys Mares said:

Yeah I definitely agree, I also think the author kind of made his death a sad occurrence, when in reality...he was a pretty bad guy. I think that goes along with making things "pretty" because the ugly truth isn't so nice.

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