Not a New Problem

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Chapter 12 was nothing I haven't really heard before. However, the only problem that I have with these types of essays is wording my question the right way. In the essay he introduces the problems as "Does the change happen to late to be effective?" I would probably stop there, but he then further develops the question. This may seem like a simple thing to other writers, but for me I didn't know how far I could go with introducing the problem and the question. Past teachers have just been satisfied with us making sure we are convincing when he answer the problem, yet now I can see how important it is to have a real thoughtful problem.


Dianna Griffin said:

Gladys, I have the same issue. First of all I can't even come up with a creative "problem" and then when I do, I can't seem to word it the right way so that I can actually answer it. In high school, I was always given the problem and then I could answer it in an essay, but now in college I have to do a little extra and look for something to answer on my own!

Josie Rush said:

Sometimes it's actually easier to be more specific with our problems, because it gives the writing direction from the start. And if we break the problem down, we have many different directions we can go. Where to stop? I think we all struggle with that. Whether it's because we don't know where else to go with our thoughts, or we have too many thoughts and can't seem to stop writing (one happens to me more often than the other...I'll give you a hint: it's not the second one). I think it's important not to have a problem that's too general, because that makes it doubly hard to know when to stop. How can you be sure you've proven an overly broad statement? Better to start smaller and build if necessary.
Also, when knowing if your problem is broad enough, sometimes you just have to try to anticipate the reader's questions. Will she want to know this as well? Is it necessary for her to believe statement B in order to buy statement A? If not, then maybe statement B belongs in another paper.

Gladys Mares said:

I think both both of you (Josie and Dianna) are right. I think its hard to have almost complete free range on writing these papers. Its hard to know how far you can go or Josie, like you said its hard to sometimes get these thoughts coming. Thanks for the advice, i'll keep this im mind as we wrap up our semester.

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