Portfolio One

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This is a portfolio of the blogs I have written this semester. They are mainly my responses and questions that I have had regarding the assigned text we've had so far this semester.

Coverage and Timeliness:

Seasons and Life: This blog was mainly about how confusing Shakespeare is to me and how I associated nature and life being one.

Lying to Feel Safe: This blog had to do with An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge. I really felt the main character lied to himself because the truth was painful.

Confusing and Beautiful Poetry: This post really demonstrates how I feel about Poetry and how it is so beautiful and the best poetry leaves the reader asking questions.

The Differences Between Men and Women: I loved the story Trifles and this talks about the observations I had between the men and women of the play.

Chapter 2...huh?: This blog was about chapter 2 in Writing About Literature and some of the author's advice really confused me.


Lying to Feel Safe: I really dug deep into this text because I was intrigued by the main character's reaction to his death.

Confusing and Beautiful Poetry: This post really goes into how I think people should approach poetry.

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