The Differences Between Men and Women

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After finishing the play Trifles my first impression was the many differences between men and women. During the first scene it is clear by Mrs. Peters that she is somewhat disturbed by what has just transpired in the house. While on the other hand, the men seem unattached and insensitive to the fact that a gruesome murder had previously taken place. Also, I think the women seemed to sympathize with Mrs. Hale, after knowing what her relationship with the dead Mr. Hale. One key moment in the play that seemed to make my point was the final stage direction when Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters make eye contact and are trying to figure out what to do with the box. Finally, The country attorney ends by asking about the quilt. To me this seemed like the men were oblivious to the whole picture. Deeper things were happening during this play and it seemed like the men never really caught on. It was the women who were more emotionally in tune.

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