An Incredibly Positive Book Review

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This semester I have 4 English classes so I haven't had time to read something that I actually chose myself. However, in my southern women lit class we read something that I really enjoyed. Its called Incidents in the LIfe of a Slave Girl. Its a slave narrative writing by the woman who is also the main character within the story. The review was extremely positive. Yet, this article was written on April 13, 1861 by the Weekly Anglo-African so it makes me question the bias. The book was described as "In such volumes as this, the true romance of American life and history is to be found." I would have liked to see more objectivity in this review. More analysis on the style of writing as opposed to the content. I never read reviews of anything because I like to form my own opinion first, so I might be misreading this. Anyone have any insight as to whether this is a typical review?

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