Everyone is Crazy.

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So far I am really enjoying this book. Even though these characters all have big tragedies attached to them I still find this all kind of funny. On page 50 when they find the missing deaf cat and Annabel freaks out that perhaps Alice killed it, I actually laughed aloud. I think if this book was turned into a movie, Alice should be played by Ellen Page lol Thats what I imagine her to be like. Also, I love the grandparents. They actually remind me of my own parents who love sitting in the living room, drinking wine and asking me "what if" questions or "how do you feel about this..." I was talking to Melissa about this in another class and I was telling her how confused I am about why Carter keeps talking to Ginger. Then Annabel makes a dinner party for all three of them. Are they all crazy?? Anyone want to clue me in on this?


Dianna Griffin said:

Well, I couldn't clue you in on this if I even tried. However, if I was Annabel, I probably would have blamed Alice too, and I did find this funny as well. I find Alice extremely creepy, yet she is my favorite character. If I were to meet her (had this been a true story), I would turn and run the other way. Anyways, I have come to the conclusion that they are all crazy. This is what makes the book so interesting, but at the same time I have no idea what is going on.

Gladys Mares said:

I get what you mean! There is something intriguing about Alice's character, but if she was a read person I'd turn and run. I think I like the idea of eccentric people more than I actually like being around them. I shared in class that I know all these people and trust me, they are a bit freaky lol

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