Portfolio One and Two

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This semester has included quite a bit of blogging and I fell behind with the first portfolio, so i've decided to put them together. This collection shows the pieces which we have read so far this semester from September thru October.

Coverage and Timeliness:

How Mean Can People Be?
The Secrets Come Out
A Whole New Hester
href="http://blogs.setonhill.edu/GladysMares/2009/09/a_happy_endingsort_of.html">A Happy Ending...Sort Of.
A Woman Misunderstood
What Is It Supposed To Mean?
Im King Of The World
Arrogant or Brilliant Hippie?
Whats Wrong With These People?


A Woman Misunderstood
Im King of the World
Arrogant or Brilliant Hippie?


A Woman Misunderstood

With this blog, I felt was really annoyed because it was hard for me to switch my brain between my Topics In Women In Southern Literature and having to read Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Whats Wrong With These People?

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