The Best Part of Literature

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Imagery is the best part of literature. It can make or break a story for me. I think anyone can tell a story, but writers who can make readers feel, smell, or imagine something that isn't in the text, is amazing. I'm not a very good creative writer, so I admire those who mange to convey certain feelings within readers. The poem by John Masefield Cargoes, was a good example because he included different types of imagery like visual, olfactory, and kinesthetic. I could imagine smelling sandalwood or seeing all these pretty jewels. Also, he talked about rowing home and dipping through the tropics. I think imagery is what brings stories to life. If a reader can't use their imagination, the story is boooorrringgg!!! :-)


Melissa Schwenk said:

Gladys, I definitely agree with you in terms of a story being very boring if a reader can't picture what is taking place. However, if there is too much imagery I find myself skipping pages and just reading the dialogue or the occasional paragraph. I think there needs to be a strong balance between the two.

Gladys Mares said:

Good point, about the balance. Yet, I think that sometimes the imagery helps complete the story. I've skipped through before, i'll admit lol but I think I probably missed out on the connection between the two. I think the imagery enriches the text.

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