Why Can't All Books Be Graphic Novels??

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I knew we were only supposed to read chapters 1-4, but I finished the book lol. I have never read a graphic novel like this and I was totally into it. It reminded me of reading children's books with pictures. However, there was nothing childlike about the content. I've always read about and heard stories about the holocaust but for some reason this seemed different. It focused on this couple's story instead of the war in general. I felt more of a connection to the characters because I had read about their lives. Usually I read things about the holocaust and it not only disgusts me but it makes me feel so awful to think that we as humans could do this to each other. Yet, getting a closer view into this couple's fight for survival was really great. Also, at first I thought it was interesting that he chose these animals but after the second chapter, I forgot these were mice, cats, and pigs. I think i'll pick up the second part of this book sometime...

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