Oats...Out, Moving on...In

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"Luka, tell them in the stable not to give Toby any oats today" (Chekhov 392).

I thought this was a really funny play. I think that last line is funny because I think that the more oats she fed Toby, was the more she fed her memory of her dead husband. She clearly states that her husband was abusive and unfaithful, so why keep mourning? Well my take on it is that a woman (at the time) who loses her man loses her identity. She's found a new man, therefore she has regained control of herself.


That definitely makes sense to me. While in today's society, needing a man to fulfill one's life and to have an identity would seem like a weakness, that isn't true in Mrs. Popov's case. Because of the time, the most she could do to have an identity was to have a man.

Gladys Mares said:

Yeah your right. Unfortunately, having a man for women at the time was super important. I think maybe her grief and loneliness might of made her fall for this weirdo even faster.

Dianna Griffin said:

That's so true. I did not ever think about that. At that time in society, men were the ones who held the jobs and provided the money. However, Mrs. Popov was really the landowner, and she provided the money to her husband. It's sad that even though he had no real way of controlling her, he still controlled her emotions.

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