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Coverage and Timeliness:

Why Can't All Books Be Graphic Novels? - This blog was about how the concept of a Graphic Novel is so new to me and how much I enjoyed it. I thought it presented such a deep and dark subject matter in a way that was easier to read.

What's The Matter With Vladek?- I was really upset at the ending of Maus, but not because the novel was bad, but because I really connected with the characters and I wished I had the second part in my hands. I think there is some decent character analysis in this blog.

The Best Part of Literature - This blog deals with the chapter in Roberts where he discusses Imagery. This happens to my favorite aspect in literature, so thats what this blog deals with.

Even Money Can't Save You This Time! - This is about Edgar Allen Poe's creepy The Masque of Red Death. I really disliked Prospero's character and tied in his fate to his finances.

The LAPD Might not be so Bad - This was my response to the editorial assignment. I thought that maybe if I found an article in which I totally didn't agree with, I might have learned more about the subject.

Sad Sonnet - I thought this poem was sad and my blog goes further into detail about the feelings

Inspiration - This is a blog about a poem by Keats. I always wondered where poets drew inspiration from and this kind of goes into detail about that.

Beware of Tone - In this blog I talked about how I felt tone should be handled with care in writing because an aggressive tone can put readers off.

Sleezy... - I really disliked j. From the beginning of John Henry Days. This blog explains why.

What an Exciting Life? - This blog was about how put off I was about the life of a writer.

Thats What I Was Wondering! - There is a quote in John Henry Days that left me puzzled.

A Closing Curtain - There is a curtain theory I'd like to explore more and this blog questions what the curtain paragraph in the ending of John Henry Days is about.


Even Money Can't Save You This Time!
Why Can't All Books Be Graphic Novels?
The Best Part of Literature
What The Matter With Vladek?

Interaction and Discussion:

Whats the Matter With Vladek?
The Best Part of Literature
Even Money Can't Save You This Time
The LAPD Might Not Be So Bad
Beware of Tone
A Closing Curtain


Its complicated...- This blog is from my American Literature Class but I felt it showed my ability to relate the texts i've read to the "real world." I think it shows some reflection on what the text stands for and how audiences today read it.

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