So The Shoes Were Silver...

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"and there is some charm connected with them; but what it is we never knew."

I find it interesting that those iconic shoes were turned into red for the movie. This might be weird but I normally associate the color silver with softness and demure. Red, however is flashy and provocative. I noticed several changes from the book to movie like Glinda was good witch of the South in the book but changed to North in the movie. I wonder if any of these changes had anything to do with the society of the time. I'll be honest, I hate this movie because of all the singing and ironically I found the book boring because of the lack of glitz. I'm hard to please I suppose.


Kayla Lesko said:

I'm not a fan of the movie either and the book wasn't any better.

You shouldn't apologize for not liking something, I certainly never do. lol

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