You're an English Major? Why?

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"Studying English taught us how to write and think better, and to make articulate many of the inchoate impulses and confusions of our post-adolescent minds. We began to see, as we had not before, how such books could shape and refine our thinking." -William M. Chace

That is why I study English. People who aren't english majors assume we just read all day long and summarize the text to each other. However, they are so far off. I've been able to expand my though process and how I have realized more potential in myself as a writer and a critical thinker. People assume that all you can do with a Degree in English is to teach. However my plans include law school and ultimately earning a degree in law. I think being able to write and be articulate is important in every single job. I think that the decline of english majors goes hand in hand with the decline of the quality of writing among younger generations. People don't realize how important it is to be able to not only think deeply about certain things, but also be able to put them properly onto paper. I'm double majoring in English Literature and Political Science and I feel writing courses should be required of every major. Even more extensively.


English and political science are certainly disciplines where you can learn about persuasion and critical thinking. What a great combination.

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