Portfolio 4... yay!

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This is my last portfolio for Writing About Literature. These blogs are responses to the last pieces of literature we've read.

Coverage and Timeliness:

Oats Out...Moving on In: This blog was based on my response to the play "The Bear." I thought it was a funny play and the protagonist's final words made me wonder about some things.

Nothing New.: This was written on chapter 7 in Robert's Writing About Literature Book. I thought this was slightly repetitive.

Woahhhhh, Easy Browning!: I was surprised at how far Robert Browning took his poem Porphyria's Lover.

You're An English Major? Why?: I get upset when people ask me this question. My answer is written in that blog.

The Ghost of Economic Hardship: This was my initial response to A Christmas Carol. I thought Dickens sent out several messages about the his economy at the time.

Religion and Forgiveness: This blog was about the many religious undertones I found in A Christmas Carol.

Subliminal Messages: This is the last blog regarding chapters 10 and 16 in Writing About Literature by Edgar Roberts. I explain how I feel both chapters relate to each other and what I have learned from the authors we've read and how it helped my writing.

Depth: These blogs I had a little more to say than usual.

You're An English Major? Why?
Religion and Forgiveness
The Ghost of Economic Hardship:

Subliminal Messages

Interaction and Discussion: I put these two together because I feel for there to be discussions there must be interactions among bloggers.

Oats Out... Moving On In.
Woahhhhh Easy, Browning!
The Ghost of Economic Hardship

Xenoblogging: Its the end of the semester and I think I have finally figured out what this term means. Here's my attempt...

Selfishness Prevails: This blog was written by Karyssa Blair and after she read my blog she had new thoughts on A Christmas Carol. We were able to talk about both of our blogs in class because of the discussion we had through blogging.


You're an English Major? Why?: I chose this blog because not only because I originally used the possessive 'your' instead of the contraction 'you're' in my title (Thanks Dr. Jerz :-) ) but I chose this blog because I get irritated when people ask me this question and this is my answer. If anyone ever asks me again, I can refer them to my blog.


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