Religion and Forgiveness

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So after finishing the book I came to the conclusion that this isn't necessarily a Christmas story. I think it could of been placed in any other time of the year and functioned. However, I do find several christian messages throughout the story. The fact that spirits visit him and show him what could happen to his soul is an indicator of the after life. I grew up Catholic and I was always engrained with the idea that you need to be a good person on earth in order for my soul to go to heaven and be with God after I die. Also, I think in the last stave when he visits his nephew and the narrator describes it as

"Let him in! It is a mercy he didn't shake his arm off. He was at home in five minutes. Nothing could be heartier. His niece looked just the same."

I think their reaction was really forgiving. Everyone welcomed him and was happy to see his turn around. I think many people today would question someone's intention but they didn't. The final line "God bless Us, Every One!" was referring to 'everyone' including Scrooge. I think Scrooge realized he could repent his sins, change his life and seek forgiveness. Aside from the economical issues in this story, I feel its also about forgiveness.


Brooke Kuehn said:

I am also Christian, but i think this was a Christmas story. I know it is frustrating to think someone could sin all their life and then be forgiven so easily only to be good for a few years before seeking the same reward as those of us who work hard all our lives to be good people. However, i think it doesn't matter how old you are when you are given a second chance as long as you take it and do your best to make up for your sins before you die. Life on earth is short but life after death is never ending. As long as you change before dying, you are showing God your goodness before dying. Remember how right before death, one of the men (i believe he was a thief) being crucified next to Jesus asked for forgivness and Jesus basically told him he would go to heaven.

Dianna Griffin said:

When thinking about this story, I never associated it with anything but Christmas. I was a little depressed when I realized that this could be associated with mostly any day of the week. I'm not a religious person, so I can't really see the religious aspect of the story. However, the way you mentioned the repent of sins makes me realize that this story could be related to religious morals.

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