Subliminal Messages

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"In addition, thought and expression have not always been free and safe. The threat of censorship and the danger of political or economic reprisal have often caused authors to express their views indirectly in the form of allegory rather than to name names and write openly, thereby risking political prosecution, accusations are based not just in the literary form but also in the reality of circumstances in our difficult world" (Roberts 152).

I think this quote applies to both chapters ten and sixteen. Both chapters state that in order to really integrate ideas into our writing, we must put a lot thought into it. Its difficult to say something without coming out and saying it directly. That can often be the beauty of literature. Its the challenge of deciphering what an author is trying to say that keeps me reading and asking questions. Keeping historical, intellectual, and cultural contexts in mind are part of that challenge in breaking down a piece of literature. Those are clues into finding the allegories and symbolism in stories. I think overall this course was helpful to developing my writing because I learned about how authors bring their ideas together. I like finding certain things in my stories, so when I write I keep that in mind. I read The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz in my last class and I thought about how boring that story would be in the author didn't include any allegories for readers to figure out. I think that the older you get and the more you read, the better you will become at discovering those hidden things authors want us to see.


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