My Opinion Is Not the Final Say

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Kaitlin’s comments on Hamilton's Essential Literary Terms pages 32-65 got me thinking.  I can’t say that I am a big fan of Orwell’s Animal Farm either.  There could be many reasons why I didn’t like it, for one, it was the first book I was ever forced to read in school.  So admittedly, I probably had a bad attitude (I usually don’t like being told what to do).  But whether I personally liked the book or not, Orwell did succeed in making me remember his book.  Despite not liking the book, I can recognize Orwell’s clever wit.  This made me think about the importance of distancing ourselves sometimes from our personal tastes when it comes to literature.  There is no way that I will like every book I read in my life; however, even if I don’t like a book, instead of just writing it off as stupid, I could take a step back and look at the positive parts of the book.  Would the book have withstood the test of time, or be popular if there was nothing worthwhile in it?  Probably not.  Whether you like a book or not (in this case Animal Farm), you can still appreciate the talent that went into the book. 

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