Standing on Tip Toes

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“His table’s spread too high for us

Unless we dine on top-toe” (Dickinson 8-9).


This image was at first actually rather comical to me.  I see a little kid desperately trying to reach the edge of the table.  I can see them jumping up and down just to see what is on the table, grasping the edge of the table and craning his neck as far as he can. 


On the other hand though, it can be a pathetic image too.  Picture a little boy standing on tip-toes, just barely being able to reach the table.  He looks up at you, his eyes swimming with tears of frustration and hunger. 


I would say Dickinson was going for the second image.  I would also say she has some anger issues against God and the injustice of life.    


Angela Palumbo said:

I actually pictured the first thing too Greta but you're right, the second image is more effective. I didn't see that when I read. Thanks for the clarification.

Kaitlin Monier said:

I saw this part as a struggle, maybe a struggle to understand or reach God. By struggling and receiving no help, one might think there is no God. I think this part reflects Dickinson's own doubts about a God.

Deana Kubat said:

haha i could see the child standing at the table. but in my mind it would be a poor child because of the part about the crumbs reaching the "child"

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