The All Encompassing Story

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It was Maddie’s last sentence: “All this and more lies deep in our mind, writing a story that may never be read aloud but shall exist all the same,” that really caught my interest and changed my view of this “one story” that Foster discussed.  I was actually feeling rather skeptical about there being only one story.  But the way Maddie explained it made it more clear to me.  She really is right; we are creating our own stories constantly, all the time.  With every experience we have, we add more to it.  And since we are all humans, we all have some experiences in common, simply because we are human.  In a way, it is our connection to each other as humans that allows this one great, big, immense story to be all encompassing.  When I read a book, I am adding to my story.  But that author who wrote that book’s story grew when she read another different book.  And so it goes, one big story, each of us adding a little to it.    

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