The Cynical Pig Man Who Carries the Candy Cane of Jesus

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Jeanine made some good points about Flannery O'Connor's "The River" in her blog.  However, I think there is more to the story than living each day the best one can, since one never knows when death may come.  I think the comment she made about the candy can is very important.  But I think it is important to remember the rest of that quote: “Then he heard a shout and turned his head and saw something like a giant pig bounding after him, shaking a red and white club and shouting” (45).  A giant pig, eh?  Didn’t Jesus drive some demons into a herd of pigs, which then ran into the sea and drowned themselves?  I think O’Connor picked a pig for more than just the connection of drowning.  I think in a lot of ways, O’Connor is mocking this type of religion.  The people don’t even know what they are practicing; they are in the dark to the truth.  Kind of like how Harry was blind to the fact that there was not really a kingdom under the water.  Maybe it’s the seeming sinner (the cynical pig man who carries the candy cane of Jesus) who sees the real truth.  Oh yes, and don’t forget that a shepherd’s staff, like the candy cane, is in the shape of a J…going back to my blog on sheep (and of course, it’s relevance to the Bible).         

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