A Bad Man Is Hard to Find

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I really liked and agreed with Maddie’s entry on Desmond’s "Flannery O’Connor’s Misfit and the Mystery of Evil”.   She made it very clear that things are never as easy as being black and white.  However, I think Desmond’s opinion went beyond the belief that every person’s idea of good and evil is different.  I also think that he is stressing the importance of remembering that just as no one is “good”, no one is “bad” either.  Serial Killers are certainly not the greatest people around, but even they have to have some good in them, and I think that is one of the points Desmond is trying to make.  Just as “a good man is hard to find,” a bad man is also hard to find (which is of course exacerbated by individual people’s opinions of what good and bad is).   

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