A Scary Place: A World Without Punctuation

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Tiffany’s comments on Eats, Shoots and Leaves made me realize that without punctuation sentences would not exist.  It would be very hard and overwhelming to read anything with no breaks or pauses as she mentioned.  As  she commented, one would not even understand what they were reading without any intermissions to think.  Breaking things into smaller sections always makes things easier to handle and understand.  In my Introduction to Exceptional Children class, it has been stressed over and over again that breaking things into smaller bits makes them easier.  As writers, we want our audience to get as much from our writing as possible, punctuation helps facilitate that.  Tiffany’s entry made me imagine a world without commas and periods, and to be quite frank—it’s a scary place.  So like Truss is trying to show in her book, punctuation exists for a purpose and should not be written off so lightly. 

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