Committing Job Suicide by Being Polite

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On Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickel and Dimed, Maddie’s comments made me consider my feelings on other people’s jobs and waiter’s and waitress’ behavior.  No one can understand the strains put on a person by an individual job unless they have had that job, that is for sure.  Even the simplest jobs are always harder than they seem.  Ehrenreich really helped me to appreciate the jobs that anyone and everyone does.  It is easy for us to brush aside someone, saying their job is much easier than ours but we really have no way of knowing that unless we have had their job before.  However, I think that it is important for waitresses and waiters to be polite, if they are not I don’t get mad or anything.  But I mean, I am always polite to them, so I feel like they should be in return.  But Ehrenreich does put an interesting perspective on things.  She is highlighting the fact that if they are too friendly or nice, they get yelled at!  I would have never thought of such a thing.  I will consider this fact the next time I eat out.   

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