How to be simple in a country way...or NOT

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It was Erica’s blog on Flannery O’Connor’s short story "Good Country People" that made me think specifically about the significance behind the quote: “Some can’t be that simple…I know I never could” (O’Connor 195).  I think Mrs. Freeman’s comment about how she could never be as simple as the Bible salesman is ironic.  From what we have seen of Mrs. Freeman, I would not say she is simple (in the nice, country way).  She seems to constantly be judging other people, observing, and silently making opinions.  She is certainly simple in that she doesn’t have very worthwhile or deep thoughts, but she likes to pretend she is one thing on the outside (that she is so impartial), while on the inside she is very judgmental.  I think Mrs. Freeman’s comment about not being able to be as simple as him, is meant to draw our attention to how she is not quite what she appears to be, just as is the case with the Bible salesman.  This quote showed me yet again that there are so many levels to everything that O’Connor writes.  Her writing continually amazes me!    

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