Knowing How to Steer Students in the Right Direction

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I have to commend Kayley on her post about Lemire’s I’m an English Major—Now What?  She made me see something positive in what Lemire was saying!  I wasn’t even sure if that was possible!  (Ok, I admit, I am exaggerating, Lemire did have a lot of good points, I just didn’t like how he expressed himself all the time).  But Kayley made me consider my role as a future teacher.  It is important for me to know all that is out there, available, for English majors.  Just because I probably won’t go on to grad school, or don’t intend to pursue journalism myself, does not mean I do not need to familiar with them.  I never know when one of my students will rely on me to guide them in the right direction.  The more I know about the possibilities out there, the better I can help and teach my students!  Just because I am majoring in English and education does not mean I can close my eyes and ignore everything else that goes along with the English major.  The more I know, the more I can help future English majors makes themselves marketable (thereby doing what Lemire is trying to do for all of his readers).   


It's great that you're already thinking at that level of detail about how to be helpful to your future students!

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