Mr. Lemire, I Am Earning My Degree

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“They give you your undergraduate degree because you complete the requirements; they give you the graduate degree because you earn it...the campus life to which you became accustomed in college (naked beer slides, panty raids, destruction of property) doesn’t exist on the postgraduate level” (Lemire 45).

I am afraid I have another bone to pick with Mr. Lemire.  I usually agree with our readings, I don’t know if I’m in a bad mood or what here.  But regardless, I have two problems with the quote above:

1.       His insinuation that undergraduate students do not earn their degrees.

2.       His comments on the wild behavior of all college students. 

Now, I do not doubt for a minute that graduate school is much, much harder than undergraduate school.  And I don’t have any problem with Lemire saying that graduate school is harder.  However, I do not like the way he says that it is.  It is a bit much to say that undergraduates do not earn their degrees.  But even more offensive to me, is his assumption that all college students do such things as vandalize or get ridiculously drunk.  Lemire does not say “the campus life to which some students are accustomed,” he acts like every single college student does that stuff.  College is just a big party he seems to be saying.  Well, I don’t know about all college students, I am sure some do that stuff.  But I certainly don’t.  I work hard; I certainly do not destroy things or get drunk.  In fact, I spend more time doing work for my seven classes than I spend doing anything else at all.  I do not appreciate Lemire’s insinuations that college is all fun and games and that we are not earning our degrees.  I realize he is just trying to make a point that graduate school is more difficult, but still, he does not need to do so in the way in which he does. 


Greta, I do not think that you were in a bad mood when you read those chapters. I wrote about the same two chapters that you did, and Lemire (even though he was an English teacher) seems very critical of education. It kind of pissed me off (for lack of a better word) to be honest with you. The way he wrote in those two chapters did come off somewhat offensive to me. I just do not like the way he generalizes about college students. Now, I will admit that in my one blog entry, I do say that there are two types of college students: those who are there to party and those who are there for an education. But Lemire seems to generalize that all college students are there to party and that is not true. Maybe he had a bad experience at college. :\

Ally Hall said:

I completely agree with you Greta. I know I certainly don't go off and get drunk every chance I get, I certainly don't vandalize or steal or cause trouble. I do my homework and work hard to get my degree. I want to be proud of the hard work that I'm going to put in over the 4 years (or more) at college and actually be able to remember those nights that ARE fun breaks from what seems like endless hours of studying.
Just because some students like to go out and be stupid doesn't give Lemire the right to typecast ALL college students that way.

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