So Little Time!

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I could really identify with Chelsea’s entry on Tim Lemire’s I’m an English Major—Now What?  It is very hard to pick a major.  When I chose my majors (English, French, Education), I had a hard time deciding whether to major and minor or double major.  I had to decide between English, French, and History (all of which I was very interested in).  And reading Lemire’s chapters did not help me any, they made me want to take on even more!  I would love to add a minor in history or if Seton Hill offers it English as a Second Language.  Sadly, I cannot fit a minor in, since I have no room to take anything but the core classes and those required by my majors (especially since I am losing a semester to student teach).  However, I think Lemire’s suggestion to double-major is an extremely good one.  Any way in which we can better prepare ourselves or set ourselves apart from other job candidates is always a plus.  And although I know I want to be a teacher, it is encouraging to hear that I am not limited by my majors.  And even if I can’t take any more classes as an undergraduate, there is always continuing education!



Jessie Farine said:

I know the feeling; I want to learn as much as possible. So much that is offered here interests me. Currently, I have no major declared, but this gives me the opportunity to find a place where I fit. I started out aiming for music, since I love music, and it turned out that that wasn't for me, so now I'm testing the waters of English. So far, so good. I'm looking into a Philosophy minor as well. Unlike you, unfortunately, I don't have a definite career in mind for the future...teaching was one, but I'm not sure if that's me yet. You're lucky that you've got that all planned out.

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