Portfolio 2: According to Confucius Reflection is Noble—That’s What I’m Doing Here

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Now that I’m in the swing of things and better understand the University mind-set, I am able to focus more on my entries themselves and also on my reflections.  From EL 150 Introduction to Literary Study, not only do I learn from my own blog entries, but also from reading my classmates’ blogs, and then re-thinking the texts.  Confucius, the Chinese philosopher, opined that: “By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”  Learning how to write a blog back at the beginning of this semester was, in a way, a type of imitation.  We would read each other blogs, and make corresponding changes to our own.  As the semester has progressed, I have slowly been gaining experience, and I have been reflecting on my own thoughts and my classmates’.  I’ve also learned about punctuation from Eats, Shoots and Leaves; I’ve obtained a better understanding of literary terms from Hamilton’s Essential Literary Terms; journeyed into poverty and toyed with social reform with Ehrenreich’s  Nickel and Dimed; discovered the depths of Flannery O’Connor’s short stories; and argued with Tim Lemire’s opinion in I’m an English Major—Now What? Below, I have broken up my entries into categories for ease of reading.

Coverage: These entries are examples of my ability to correctly link my entries to the course webpage.

·         “Zero Tolerance”

·         Oxford is the oldest English-speaking university in the world, so who wouldn’t want to use its comma?

·          “A Chemical Indiscretion”

·         Mr. Lemire, I Am Earning My Degree

Timeliness: These are examples of entries which were posted at least 24 hours before class.

·         Exclamation Mark Phobia

·         “The Displaced Person” Does Some Displacing

·         Like Mother, Like Daughter

·         Patting Yourself on the Back

·         Remember, when you travel to the world of poetry, the rules of prose still apply

Interaction: These are some of my entries that spurred discussion among my classmates and me.

·         Irony: The Double-Edged Sword

·         If This is Colloquial Diction…

·         We Are Not Unprepared Teachers!

·         The Transfer of Literature Analysis Into a Job

·         Pessimistic Pregnancy

Depth: Are you ready to enter the depths of my mind?  These entries are little more complicated than my average entry. 

·         Being Led to the Slaughter

·         Searching for God in All the Wrong Places

·         A Language Without the Difficulties of the Apostrophe

·         Déjà vu from the 9th grade causes the death  of a resentment

·         Nietzsche is the Misfit

·         Your mission should you decide to accept it is…to write an important speech in one day or less!

·         In this best of all possible blogs, everything I type is for the best

·         Truss, stop blaming everything on the Internet!

Discussion: Check out some of my classmates' entries in which I participated in the discussion.  In some cases, I was even the first one to leave a comment!

·         Jessie’s Goin’ South

·         Erica’s Be Your Own Tour Guide

·         Maddie’s My voices have some pretty good ideas...somehow they all involve foil though

·         Maddie’s Serfs work, don’t chat, and double-time it from one table to another

·         Angelica’s The working poor

·         Lauren’s More Obligations and Today’s Society

·         Kaitlin’s Background does not determine a person’s success

·         Chelsea’s I’m Glad I’m complex

·         Katie’s Someone Make Up Their Mind

·         Angela’s Red Water is Not a Good Sign

Reflections: After reading my classmates’ blogs I would write a reflection based on their thoughts.  Sometimes I found a whole new meaning to the text, other times my peers managed to sway my opinion a little bit. 

·         If we can’t remember learning it, we probably need to relearn it

·         Extroverts=Exclamation Mark Enthusiasts, Introverts= Exclamation Mark Demurers

·         Does punctuation added later skew the original meaning of a work?

·         Comma Use—A Personal Preference

·         A Scary Place: A World Without Punctuation

·         The Roadblock to Creativity

·         We are all to blame

·         How to be simple in a country way…or NOT

·         Real Life Foils Lead to Literary Ones

·         A Bad Man is Hard to Find

·         Society’s Degradation through the Outcast’s Eyes

·         So Little Time!

·         Knowing How to Steer Students in the Right Direction

·         A Writer’s Sticky Notes

·         Hanging On Requires Dedication

·         Wishing for the Simply Life

·         Abandoning an Angel

·         Setting the Mood

·         My Opinion Is Not the Final Say

·         The Cynical Pig Man Who Carries the Candy Cane of Jesus

·         Is the Welshman’s Accent Fake?


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