All About the Vulcan Logic

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From Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game:

“’The final step in your testing was to see what would happen when the monitor came off.  We don’t always do it that way, but in your case—‘

“’And he passed?’ Mother was incredulous.  ‘Putting the Stilson boy in the hospital?  What would you have done if Andrew had killed him, given him a medal?’

“’It isn’t what he did, Mrs. Wiggin.  It’s why’” (Card 19). 

I have not read many science fiction books, so I was approached Ender’s Game with caution.  I was unsure whether I would like it, but I must say that so far I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I also really hope that we do not end up like the people in this book in the future.  They are brutal and cruel, and live by Darwin’s mantra of survival of the fittest.  But it is not survival of the fittest based on size, it’s all about intelligence.  The adults applaud cruelty as long as the children are clever about it.  The quote above is an example of that mentality.  Ender (Andrew) beat up another six year old, but as long as his reasoning was good, the government finds his actions laudable.  It’s all about logic and rationale.



As you'll see as the book progresses, it's also about war and survival of our species. Ender's curse is that he sees through all this and can use it to his advantage (which is what makes him leadership material), but he also sympathizes with the people he has to bully (because he knows they only partly understand the system he has mastered).

Erica Gearhart said:

I agree Greta. It is really horrible that the government makes the children do these things. I really don't know anything about the background of this book, but I do think that Card did all of these things intentionally as a commentary on society, or of what could happen to society. The use of children in warfare is an age-old tradition that sadly still occurs today, so perhaps Card was just reflecting on future possibilities, which are now, in fact, present facts.

Angela Palumbo said:

I thought it was a big shame that the children are used in this way but it does make sense. When they're young, they'll learn faster and retain their information. They are sponges and have a certain creativity that we, as adults, could not achieve. I believe someone in the book said that they use children because they're daring. They do things adults would not attempt.

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