Alliteration is very valuable even Valentine uses it!

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I, like Stephanie, love Alliteration and am certainly glad that it is discussed in Hamilton's Essential Literary Terms.  I frequently try to make my titles alliterative, for example, “Pessimistic Pregnancy”.  I think alliteration helps the reader remember whatever the author wants to better.  It also helps drive home the point, if the reader misses the idea the first time the continuous repetition will hopefully catch his attention and help him realize the importance of the idea.  Alliteration is a powerful tool, one that even Valentine, the genius 10 year old from Ender’s Game picks up on, “Valentine had a knack for alliteration that made her phrases memorable” (Card 135).  What’s even better about alliteration is that it is a relatively simple literary tool; just about any writer can employ alliteration at least to some degree of effectiveness.    

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