Being in charge is risky business

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Jessie’s blog entry made me consider the role of authority in Card’s Ender’s Game.  In the book, not only does Ender see Bonzo’s ineffectiveness, but he also questions the authority of the adults and teachers.  He sees them as the enemy, who cause all his problems (which they do).  And interestingly, the adults in many ways don’t think they are right, they realize what they are doing is unethical, but they do it anyway.  They believe that the end justifies the means.  Maybe Bonzo thought that his wish to trade Ender away justified his actions too.  Peter could be right about these buggers after all, maybe they never will come, and the adults are just messing up children.  It presents some very interesting questions about authority—somebody needs to be in charge and no one can ever be 100% sure his actions are correct, so where does that leave us?  Being a leader really is a risk. 

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