Comma Use—A Personal Preference

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I could really relate to what Katie wrote in her blog on Eats, Shoots and Leaves.  I always found grammar conflictions frustrating too.  Often for big papers, my teachers would offer to read over you paper ahead of time and give you suggestions.  They would tell me to take out a comma here, or add another one here.  Then I’d ask my brother (who was an English major) to look over my paper after I had adjusted my paper from my teachers’ comments, and sometimes he would tell me to take out a comma which they told me to add!  I think part of it is the trend in recent times to use less commas (which was probably not the case when some of my teachers went to school), but it still always annoyed me.  Like Katie, I felt like screaming: “make-up your mind!”  I am beginning to see more and more, that there is never one correct answer in English.  One always has to see all the possibilities and have an open-mind to versatility.     

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