Extroverts=Exclamation Mark Enthusiasts, Introverts=Exclamation Mark Demurers

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Both Juliana’s and Chelsea’s blogs on Eats, Shoots and Leaves were very interesting to me.  Both of them expressed their love of the exclamation mark because it helps them express their vivacious, extroverted personalities.  There blogs intrigued me, because, as I expressed in my blog, I am the exact opposite.  I am very cautious to use exclamation marks.  I am more of an introverted person, and using an exclamation mark garners so much attention that I have to think very carefully whether what I am saying really deserves this fluorescent highlight.  Their entries made me wonder whether the predilection to use exclamation marks is not related to our personalities—Introverts being afraid of this loud punctuation and extroverts welcoming them happily.  And I think Truss wants to warn the extroverts not to overuse them by her comments about critics’ warnings; and I think she wants to encourage introverts to use them through her example of Chekhov’s “The Exclamation Mark.”

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