For Your Reading Pleasure...I Hope

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Poetry Portfolio:


I. Sonnet I

Upon your face there rests a sort of smile.

A special sparkle lights your dark brown eyes,

Because I have been gone for a long while.

I realize your mouth shall speak no lies.

Your greeting is the best hello of all.

I dream that more behave as kind as you,

Who never lets the shade of sadness fall.

Pollution has not crept in your pure dew.

Thus showing me with pride your brand-new toy,

You wish alone for favor in my praise.

Upon receiving it you prance with joy,

And look at me with your adoring gaze.

You climb upon my lap to lick my face,

With crooked tail which wags about fast pace.



II. Librarian

 Leaning languidly, loving language liberated luxurious letters

Intermitted interruptions introductorily intrigue

Blessed bliss broken, but benevolence beguiles

Rescuing, respect rendered, received rarely

Accomplishment achieved, aid again and again

Real reading, raw reason, remains remote

Irrational interest in “innovative” ideas instead insist illiteracy

Assaying aimless assaults afflicting adolescents,

Nourishing knowledge, nestled neatly, knowing need never-ends. 


III. Versailles

Walking these halls

Listening to the mutterings of the past

Hearing the music, the steps, the calls


I catch the whisper of a suppressed dream, oh so vast

In this land of mirrors, I cannot help but glance

Wondering who was the greatest and the last


To, in front of this vanity, dance.

I long to glimpse the future, but on it slides

In this chateau of France.


Where was I when I noticed this ebbing tide?

Why will it not pause or wait?

I am not ready to continue on the other side.


But even if unprepared, it will come, my fate

Hoping I shall make a difference as those in this house of state.

IV. Language

Pieces of hope,





Fill me up

to the brim.

Emotions rage

from the words.


All one can feel

brought through

one thing alone,



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