I May Be Weak, But At Least I'm Not Peter

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I found Angelica’s quote and blog on Card’s Ender’s Game for two reasons.  First it made me consider Ender’s search for identity.  I don’t think Ender ever truly doubted he had potential, although he did doubt whether he should be the chosen one.  But Ender definitely did discover himself, and learning who he was and his identity did not just come from his good experiences, but also from the bad.  Being tricked into exterminating the buggers (or at least seemingly to have) allowed Ender to really appreciate the value of life and the similarities between both humans and buggers later.  If you want to read more about the effect of bad events on shaping one’s life read Stephanie’s blog   

Secondly, I found the quote she chose interesting because in a way it relates back to my blog entry. Once again in this quote, it is showing how Ender could be “easily controlled” if he is convinced he is helping the people he cares about.  It is Ender’s compassion that allows him to be used, and why Peter was not the one for the job.  Yet, by showing how devious Peter is, Card is not supporting a lack of morals.  He seems more to saying that while being kind opens one up for problems, based on the how Ender finds himself in the end, that it is better to be as Ender or Valentine than to be as Peter.  

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