Only the Good Can Be Manipulated

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From Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game:

“’…when you never know the Earth itself, when you live with metal walls keeping out the cold of space, it’s easy to forget why Earth is worth saving.  Why the world of people might be worth the price you pay.’

                “So that’s why you brought me here, thought Ender.  With all your hurry, that’s why you took three months, to make me love Earth.  Well, it worked.  All your tricks worked” (Card 243).

                This is such a cynical view.  It is not the bad in Ender that the teachers can manipulate, it is the good.  As soon as they manage to ground the good out of Ender, when he stops caring about others, their power over him is gone.  But when compassion rules Ender they can manipulate him into doing horrible things (such as unknowingly killing a whole race).  I’m not sure what the lesson here is supposed to be.  I mean yes, in the end, Ender “saved” the world and is a hero.  He even finds out that he didn’t exterminate all the buggers (certainly a good thing).  However, despite the happy ending, it was Ender’s kindness which allowed others to trick him into doing bad things.  It’s almost like Card is saying being good makes one easy to control. 

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