Out My Window

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While shutting the curtains, you catch my eye.

I usually choose not to peer out.  If

Cool night air caressed my skin, I might be

Tempted to follow you elsewhere, wherever.

Dark, open sky of foreboding I fear,

Asking me why I am here in the calm.

But not this time do I question, for I

See you—little twinkling star, gleaming so

Bright, leading my heart to the heavens!  I

Sit in peace and observe a single star.



Juliana Cox said:

Wow, I really enjoyed your sonnet. After I read the first line I thought it was going to be about a certain "someone" not a "star." But then you discribed the night air and sky, so I figured out it was about a star. Still, I really liked this.

Greta Carroll said:


Nice work! I, too, expected something else.

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