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When first time grandmothers freak out about being a "grandma" so they totally overhaul themselves to look hot by spray tanning, buying super young trash clothes and losing tons of weight. When these ladies lose too much weight trying to achieve their new look, they could be suffering from “granorexia.


Several sentences from urban dictionary as an example:  “Every since the baby was born, betty looks like she's trying to look friggin she has gotten soooooooooooooo thin!”

hmmmmm......smells like granorexia to me. wonder if the folks at INTERVENTION would be interested in this!”


Example from Times Online:

“GRANOREXIA Eating disorders are on the rise among the overfifties.”


Granorexia…talk about crazy.  I suppose eating disorders affect everyone these days—girls, boys, old people.  I picked this word because it is a clever combination of the word anorexia and that of the shortened form of grandmother (being gran).  However, it does have a comical overtone, which kind of detracts from the seriousness of eating disorders.



 P hantom
V ibration
S yndrome

The Sensation that your cell phone is vibrating in your pocket, when it actually is not.


In a sentence from urban dictionary:

I thought my cell phone was vibrating, but it was just PVS.”


Example from USA Today:

Some call it "phantom vibration syndrome." Others prefer "vibranxiety" — the feeling when you answer your vibrating cell phone, only to find it never vibrated at all.


This has definitely happened to me before.  I could swear my cell phone vibrated, yet when I pull it out, I find I was just imagining it.  I was glad to see I am not the only one to suffer from this phenomena and that it in fact has been given a name.



(v) to follow hyperlinks through various wikipedia articles with no express destination.


In a sentence from urban dictionary: "I've been wikiwalking since 9 o'clock! - started off in Bangladesh and ended up at Prime Minister's Questions!"


Example from Meatball Wiki: “Somebody suggested the beautiful term WikiWalking, that is meanwhile very nicely supported by InterWiki prefixes.”


This is something else I do all the time.  I’m looking something up on Wikipedia, only to find a million links throughout the article and at the end which explain more about that topic.  Naturally, I feel impelled to click on this licks to other Wikipedia articles, which in turn are full of links I click on, and round and round I go, wikiwalking through webpage after webpage of information.



Literally means "huh?" in Japanese. Popularized by Kenshin in "Rurouni Kenshin" when he uses it in funny situations.


In a sentence from urban dictionary :"Oro? what are you doing?"


An example from YouTube (excerpt from the show)


I was quite surprised and pleased to find oro on here!  As a fan of Rurouni Kenshin it pretty much made my day.  My buddy icon on instant messenger was even a picture of Kenshin saying oro for awhile.  It’s a really great word, one for my friends in high school actually started saying it when she was confused.


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