Term Project Progress Report

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Here is Katie's and my progress report:

What We’ve Done So Far

  • Made a 10th grade lesson plan in Seton Hill’s official format (including behavioral objectives, PA Academic Standards, an anticipatory set, lesson sequences, closure, and evaluation).
  • Made handout for students with a run-down of the four types of literary criticism we are dealing with (reader-response, mimetic, intertextuality, and author intent).
  • Made note card game which requires students to match types of criticism, a definition, an example, and a question that one might ask about the text when using that type of criticism.
  • Made exit-slip evaluation forms for the students to fill out, so that we can evaluate what they learned and how effective our lesson was. 
  • Contacted both principal of the school and cooperating English teacher to clear our teaching of the lesson.
  • E-mailed lesson plan to cooperating teacher for approval.
  • Practiced lesson plan in front of audience to check on the time factor and to make sure our lesson plan will run smoothly and makes sense to others.
  • Gathered/made additional materials for lesson (including prizes, painting, poster paper, examples of literary criticism vs. book review, etc.)

What We Plan to Do

  • Do a final run through of lesson.
  • Double check to make sure all materials are in order.
  • Present lesson on Friday, April 3 to a 10th grade English class.
  • Look over students’ exit-slips to see how effective our lesson was.
  • Look over teacher evaluation of our lesson.
  • Consider how smoothly our lesson went (did it go over time, did we stumble, etc.)
  • Consider what we could do to improve the lesson. 
  • Consider what worked really well in our lesson.

What We Plan to Produce

  • Self-reflections on the lesson.
  • Presentation organized from our self-reflections (so that classmates can see what worked well in teaching literary criticism and what didn’t work so well).  

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