Assessment of Student Practicum Performance

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The following is one of the education departments assessment forms to be filled out as the college student does their lesson.  We also asked our cooperating teacher to fill out one of these forms.  How the cooperating teacher scaled us is listed first and underlined, followed by the statement we were being rated on.

Assessment of Student Practicum Performance

Names of Student Teachers: Greta Carroll & Katie Vann

Describe the student teacher on each item, according to the following scale:

C-consistently exhibits the behavior

U-usually exhibits the behavior

O-occasionally exhibits the behavior

N-never exhibits the behavior

Personal and Professional Qualities:

  1. C uses developmentally appropriate strategies
  2. C  is prepared for lesson execution
  3. C plans effective classC evidences adequate knowledge of and ability to organize subject matter
  4. C practices professional responsibilities cooperatively
  5. U communicates effectively (appropriate modulation & projection)
  6. C communicates effectively (appropriate usage of English)
  7. U is enthusiastic about teaching
  8. C displays initiative and creativity in planning & teaching
  9. C is sensitive to the needs of the students
  10. C  has positive expectations of the students
  11. N/A accepts criticism & modifies behavior accordingly


Teaching Skills:

  1. C establishes effective rapport with students
  2. U recognizes management problems and reacts appropriately
  3. C effectively manages all aspects of classroom activity
  4. C evaluates student progress both formally & informally
  5. N/A model expectations for student achievement
  6. C utilizes a variety of materials & equipment effectively
  7. C effectively utilizes a variety of questioning strategies
  8. C develops & uses materials beyond duplicated materials
  9. C fosters creativity in students
  10. C demonstrates plans that allow for mainstreaming


Specific Content Skills:

  1. N/A adapts materials and instruction to the level of all students
  2. U uses a variety of behavior modification techniques
  3. C uses appropriate & effective assessment tools
  4. N/A effectively utilizes available diagnostic information when planning instruction
  5. C demonstrates ability to analyze tasks into their component parts and sequences them appropriately
  6. C  sets attainable goals for students and teacher
  7. N/A adapts environment to accommodate students physical & educational needs
  8. N/A works effectively with paraprofessionals
  9. N/A provides appropriate and necessary level of structure to accommodate students in resource room
  10. C provides immediate & ongoing feedback to students

Cooperating Teacher: DSmith

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