Cooperating Teacher Evaluation

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This is the response our cooperating teacher gave us for our lesson:

Greta & Katie:

Overall, I think your lesson was very effective and engaging.  I noticed and appreciated the following: Your lesson addressed multiple learning styles.  You offered positive encouragement and encouraging incentives.  During group presentations you (Katie) asked great leading questions.  These prompted the presenters to think more deeply about the meaning behind their projects.  I liked the musical element; however, it was a bit loud and the students had to raise their voices in order to communicate.  Greta noticed this and then made the appropriate adjustment.

You had a lot of material, and you did very well managing your time and getting all of you goals accomplished.  Additionally, your information and content was presented in a very understandable way.  The students haven’t been exposed to this material yet, and they demonstrated a level of understanding.  Over all, well done lesson—you interacted well with the students and presented the material in an appropriate and engaging manner.

One point for improvement would be classroom management.  The students were never out of control, because they are a good group.  However, they need to be reminded about showing respect to other groups as they are presenting.

Thank You for coming in and introducing my students to Critical Theory.



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