Pre-Student Teaching Evaluation Form

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This is one of the education departments actual evaluation forms, we asked our cooperating teacher to fill one out during our lesson.  The following is that form and the the teacher's response.  The category of evaluation is listed first, followed by the number rating we received, any additional comments the teacher left us are in parentheses. 

Seton Hill University

Pre-Student Teaching Evaluation Form

Names: Greta Carroll & Katie Vann                                              Date of lesson: 4/3/09

School: Somerset Area Senior High School                               Grade: 10

Please rate these students on the basis of your observation according to the following scale:

3- Very Good

2- Satisfactory

1- Needs Improvement

0- Unsatisfactory

NO-Not Observed


  1. Personal Appearance- 3
  2. Initiative-3
  3. Entuisiasm-3 (Comments: Greta +, Katie-Good, smile more)
  4. Voice Quality N/A (Comments: Greta- excellent projection & inflection, Katie- difficult to hear at times)
  5. Speech Habits- 3
  6. Dependability-3
  7. Punctuality-3
  8. Attitude-3 (Comments: positive)
  9. Implements Constructive Criticism- NO
  10. Group Control- 2 (Comments: They are a chatty group who often needs to be redirected when peers are the focus).
  11. Teaching Performance-3 (Comments: Engaging lesson, utilized a variety of teaching techniques).
  12. General Promise as a Teacher-3

Teacher evaluator: DSmith

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