Term Project Progress Report

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This is a simple update on Katie's and my term project.  For those of you who may not know basically what we did was we created an introductory lesson plan to literary criticism, presented it to a 10th grade English class, and received and reviewed feedback from both our cooperating teacher and the students we taught.  We also wrote self-reflections on the experience.  For more information on everything we've done, check out our previous term project report

We've created separate blog entries for many of the various parts of our project so that others may be able to view the many components which have went into it.  Below is a list of links to these items so you can take a closer look at many of the parts of our project and lesson:

As far as the presentation itself goes, here is a brief rundown of our tentative plan:

  • First, we will briefly explain what we did, what we taught, and how we taught it.  Next, we have some posters made by the actual students we did our lesson plan for which we will use to present the students’ understanding of the lesson.  After that, we will review the students’ comments about our lesson, as well as the cooperating teacher's.  The last part of our presentation will be going over our own self-reflections to make clear what we learned from the experience and what we feel was effective and ineffectual about the lesson. 
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This idea is original and practical. As a future teacher myself, I'm interested to see what you two found out about teaching lit crit at the high school level. This is something that's repeatedly popped into my head throughout the semester. After reading an essay I would think to myself about what aspects I could pick and pull from the text that would apply to a high school classroom. I was so curious that I even interloaned a book through our library that discusses using lit crit in the high school classroom...unfortunately, I didn't really agree with the parts I was able to skim through. That said, I'm so glad you two thought of doing this for your term project and am excited to listen to your presentation :) I think I'll be able to learn a lot by listening to your hands on experience.

Angela Palumbo said:

I really like your idea Katie and Greta. I think that you two did a thorough job with your work. I agree with Ellen for I am curioius to know how they received the information. I looked at the exit slips and the students all seemed to comprehend the information for none of them had any questions. I wonder if they would be able to apply the forms of criticism to a paper or not. Like I said, excellent idea. I really like what you two did.

Derek Tickle said:

I think that this is a great term project! I was really attracted to this entry because of how it related to the public education environment. I also want to let you know that you received a great evaluation from your cooperating teacher and you should be very proud! I think that the posters will give us, classmates, a greater understanding of what the students learned and how they used the material in a real-life situation. Great job so far and keep up the good work!

Bethany Merryman said:

Wow this is really cool! I never was introduced to literary criticism in high school. I know it would be difficult, but I think trying some introductions to plant the seed would be very beneficial to students. I look forward to learning more about your project!

Jenna said:

This is a great project. I had fun looking at the students' answers to your questions. It is good that they understand early the different types of criticism.

Jenna said:

From yesterday's presentation:
Your inner teachers came through in your project. I liked that you brought in high school students to show that they comprehended the criticisms and could apply it on the spot. Yet I must say those were two exceptionally bright students :-) High schools should familiarize the students with literary criticisms because as we learned from Eagleton it can be applied to anything. I liked that your lesson including the students drawing elements of criticism because it helps the visual and kinesthetic learners. You two will be great teachers!

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