Picture of a smiling man=homicide?

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Dr. Jerz mentioned that the graphic of Michael Jackson on the front page was rather small.  In addition to this observation I would like to point out that this picture of Jackson smiling and seemingly waving jars slightly with the headline it goes with.  The corresponding headline says, “The Los Angeles County coroner has ruled Michael Jackson’s death a homicide, and a combination of drugs was the cause, an official says.”  It seems like this isn’t a particularly happy bit of information, so why is Jackson smiling and waving?  It seems like a more appropriate graphic could have been found. 

Another thing I noticed was that on page A6, there is a full-page advertisement.  When I was initially flipping through the paper this morning and came across this page, I did not even realize it was an advertisement.  It is formatted in such a way that the reader can easily mistake it for an actual news article.  I don’t think I quite approve of that.  Notice that it says “Advertisement” in extremely small print at the top of the page and that is pretty much the only thing that definitively states that it is not a news article.  It seems a bit like trickery to me.

Lastly, I am curious about the positioning of the sections in newspapers.  For example, I noticed that in the Tribune-Review that the obituaries and death notices do not come until pages B4 & B5.  In my local newspaper, obituaries are located on Page A2.  So why the difference?   

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Derek Tickle said:

When I first read the title about Michael and drugs, I thought Michael must have been on drugs and that is why he died. If someone just read the very beginning, then we would have rumors passed around when he really was not on drugs.

It seems that the obituaries are located in the middle because the front page seems to cover national news, then the somewhat local deaths, and finally then local news.

The paper seems to publish information in a very interesting manner.

Katie Vann said:

Greta, since you and I get the same paper at home, I think the Daily American (http://www.dailyamerican.com/) places obituaries in the beginning of the newspaper because it seems like it is more concerned with local news rather than state and national. Even the wedding annoucements and engagements I think are in the beginning of our paper. Even if you compare what usually occurs on the front of the paper to the Tribune-Review, the Daily American is more likely to have a headline on the front page about someone rescuing their neighbor's cat out of a tree rather than what President Obama is trying to do with our health care system. Although I prefer papers like the Tribune-Review because it seems a little more information on national issues, I still like the Daily American because it not only provides more local news, but it also has a lot of positive news about local happenings that is tending to become harder and harder to find in newspapers. The DA seems to respect that positive news is just as important as the sometimes bigger selling negative news.

Greta Carroll said:

That's an excellent point, Katie and I think you're right. The Daily American is a smaller paper and does focus more on local news. In fact, national news are frequently buried in the inside of the paper. Also, as we discussed in class most papers have some point of view. We need to be aware that papers have certain goals and audiences they are writing for. Maybe the best thing for us to do is to rely on several news' sources, instead of just one.

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