A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words and a Quote is Worth a Thousand Lists

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There were several things which Matt observed in his blog that intrigued me.  Matt explained that he chose which articles he read based on the pictures that corresponded to the articles.  After his mention of the graphics which went along with his articles, it made me remember that one of my articles (the one which Matt also chose about James Nielson) also attracted me because of its picture.  I didn’t even realize this really, until Matt did.  The article included a picture of Nielson, which in addition to all the quotes, helped to make Nielson seem even more real to the reader. 

Another interesting fact that Matt pointed out was that his other article actually had a list of the names of the injured.  At first, I thought this was a good idea.  I mean, if you list all the people’s names, you are making it more personal.  They’re not just a number, they are given names and respected as individuals.  Yet, the more I thought about it, the more I came to agree with Matt.  Why list all this names, no one will probably read them (unless they are concerned their loved one was in the accident)?  And since the article has no quotes, the reader doesn’t really feel any connection to these names anyway.  Quotes would be a much more effective way of drawing the reader in, than a bunch of names. 

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