A Review of What’s Newsworthy

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Pretty much Dr. Jerz’s audio clip was a review of what we’ve been discussing the past few classes.  Ordinary things, people, and events are not newsworthy.  While these things may be true, no one is going to be interested in reading them.  However, if the event is strange, involves notable people, is close to the readership, or affects a lot of people it deserves special attention.  If it’s a slow news day, you can do a soft news story on other topics.  For example, Dr. Jerz explains, “Ordinary people can become notable by being eccentric or surprising.”  However, as I mentioned in my earlier blog about word choice, this all comes back to opinion (which is not supposed to be involved in news), after all what is considered eccentric or surprising is ultimately decided by the journalist and the editor who may have different ideas about what actually is eccentric and surprising than each individual reader.

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