How do Reporters Preserve their Perspective?

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Josie’s blog on “bus plunges” helped me to see a new side to the “bus plunge” issue.  I never really considered how callous making a joke of such a tragic event could seem.  However, as Josie also observed, it’s not really all the disrespectful.  (Most) journalists handle the articles in a very professional manner.  Some even take it a step above and beyond—they get quotes and put emotion into the story.  And those empty spaces in the paper need filled with something, so they do their best. 

In some ways considering how journalists attempt to cope with the depressing material they are constantly forced to deal with makes me realize how hard their job is.  How would you like to be in charge of writing obituaries all the time?  Or how about covering murders and robberies every day?  Does one become desensitized to all the destruction?  I think it might be difficult for a reporter to keep in perspective how (in)frequent these events are since they are assaulted with them day in and day out. 

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