Pitches and Theses

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I really liked how Katie related story pitches to theses.  It really made pitches more relatable to me, because she put it in terms of something I (as English literature majors) am very familiar with.  She also made me consider how hard it is for reporters to constantly be coming up with creative pitches.  I mean if you think about it, reporters are probably given a very short time to come up with their pitch, research it, interview, and write it, and then it’s back to the beginning of coming up with a good story pitch.  It would take a lot of being informed with what’s going on and originality.  A distinct difference though between pitches and theses is that if we decide to change our thesis halfway through a paper, it’s not a big deal (besides the time loss).  However, if we change the topic of our article, there is no guarantee that our editor will be ok with it, whether we find the second new topic more interesting personally or not. 

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