The Power of a Well-Used Quote

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I was actually pretty impressed with Halle Stockton’s article.  She used many, many different quotes from many different people and I think this went a long way in making the article credible and believable.  She not only quoted people who have benefited from Silbert’s efforts, but also a judge and the public defender.  The quotes she chooses to use are full of emotion.  They are heartfelt and make Silbert sound great.  She also effectively uses quotes to explain the many roles that the Delancey Street Foundation plays in helping to rehabilitate these people and help them to get back into normal society.  In other words, I think Stockton’s article is pretty much a perfect example of what we should be doing in our own articles.  My only complaint is that she seemingly didn’t interview the prosecuting attorney of any of the people who took advantage of the program. 

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Kaitlin Monier said:

I agree that the quote usage was the strongest point of the article. It is a great example of how to write a profile-- quotations provide different point of views and opinions

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