The Secret to News Writing: Pretend You’re Teaching

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I think that Michelle had some really good advice on Cappon’s chapter 4.  She wrote in her blog, “Remember newspapers are approximately written on an 8th grade reading level. People aren't reading the news for scholastic advancement.”  This whole idea of imaging that you are writing for an 8th grader, I think will really help me keep my news articles more succinct and readable.  As a future educator, I have a better idea of what an 8th grader would understand than the general populace, so simply keeping in mind an audience of 8th graders will help me keep things in perspective.  As Cappon stresses, part of this is by keeping things short, not making the sentences overly long or complex, and getting rid of confusing jargon.  All of these things are necessary when one is teaching a class.  Furthermore, when one is teaching, one should not let one’s personal beliefs or bias control the class, so in a way there are many similarities between teaching and news writing.  So, if I pretend that I am teaching a class of 8th graders about whatever my news article is about, it will set me in the right direction.    

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